Mortgage Lending

Through consultation with Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc., we can assist our clients in forming preliminary determinations for the placement of a mortgage by knowing the current market, types of financing available, and how to best present the property for the most favorable financing.

Financial institutions may benefit from an opinion from an independent source which does not require a full narrative appraisal. Our firm can also provide supplemental underwriting support by reviewing an appraisal prepared by a different firm.

Acquisition or Disposition of Property

By consulting with Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc., a buyer or seller can solicit the necessary advice for negotiations with a realtor or sales agent. We can also help with completing the preliminary details before discussions begin. Once negotiations reach the point of requiring an appraisal, a full narrative report can then be completed to consummate the transaction.


Extensive time and expense in court can be avoided through a complete understanding of value and the risks which are typical in litigious situations such as condemnation and other kinds of lawsuits. Attorneys can benefit from consultation and provide assistance in case preparation and interpretation of appraisal strengths and weaknesses. Ongoing advice during a trial, hearing, or settlement negotiations is also available.

Division of Assets

The division of real estate assets in the course of marital or partnership dissolutions can be very taxing emotionally and financially in the form of legal fees and lengthy court sessions. Expert and impartial appraisal valuation can ease the arbitration process and remove much of the emotional stress and acrimony. Early preparation in cases of asset division can provide facts, value estimates, and opportunities to form a position of strength.