Appraisal Functions

Mortgage Lending

Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. specializes in providing appraisals for mortgage lending purposes.

The federal government and the State of Minnesota have established appraisal guidelines for reports used for mortgages. Recognizing the importance to the financial institutions of satisfying the criteria of the financial institution regulators results in thorough analysis of each property. A detailed investigation is undertaken regardless of the size or value of a property.

Appraisals are based on historical information, and there is no guarantee that real estate properties will not suffer declines in value. However, a careful analysis and complete appraisal report coupled with practical and reasoned underwriting usually eliminates or, at the very least, minimizes losses to financial institutions.

Acquisition or Disposition of Property

Individuals seeking to sell or acquire properties are well-advised to have a thorough appraisal report undertaken. It is important to have a full understanding of the real estate market and the value potential of the property in which they have an interest. An appraisal report takes into account and provides information concerning not only the value of comparable properties which may have sold, but also what similar properties are available and at what price. A detailed appraisal provides a solid basis for reasoned decisions.


Critical litigation cases requiring expert witness services include:

The principals of Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. have performed appraisals and provided testimony in these areas for many years. We are qualified as expert witnesses in District Court, State Tax Court, and Federal Court.

Foreclosure or REO Analysis

We provide foreclosure analysis for calculation of loan loss reserves as well as values in conjunction with FIRREA.

Division of Assets

An equitable division of assets between family members, business partners, and others in similar positions is often accomplished through the values provided by an independent party who is well-informed concerning property values.

In many instances, the ability of a disinterested party to serve in an advisory capacity can assist parties in reaching an equitable division of assets and avoid expensive and unnecessary litigation.

Support for Financial Planning

Everyone needs to plan for their long-range financial future. Real estate is a popular way for people to invest, including those who are just beginning their long-term strategies, and also for people who are experienced and well on their way. Having confidence in the value of real estate properties allows an investor to make sound decisions concerning acquisition, management, and disposition of properties to accomplish their financial goals.