Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. serves a broad base of clients who require expertise in appraising, consulting, and appraisal reviews of different types of real estate. Our clients range from banks, real estate investors, mortgage brokers, private individuals, etc., and including regional and national clients.

Appraisal Functions

With the ever-increasing complexity in today's real estate market, and the additional regulations imposed upon real estate appraisal professionals, it is more important than ever to assure yourself that the appraisal services you have retained can meet the challenges of determining an accurate value estimate while meeting all necessary guidelines. We at Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. have made this our primary goal and objective - to meet the needs of our client within a guaranteed time frame, with a product which is both reader-friendly and satisfies all governing regulations.


Some real estate problems require valuation assistance in a form other than a narrative appraisal report. Oftentimes a client's needs can be met through consultation. Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. provides full-service consultation expertise.